Golf: The four season tee

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Golf: The four season tee

KMS offers the promotional item of golfers. The tee for every situation and condition.

Advantages for golfers:

  • Golf club friendly. The tee is not fixed with the ground. This minimizes the forces taking effect on the golf club.
  • Works even in difficult environments like a frozen  ground or loose sand because there is no need to fix the tee to the ground
  • The tee is demountable and the base can be also used as tee. The lowest tee is 12mm high and the highest position is 50mm. 


The KMS tee is a perfect give away for companies, golf clubs or hotels and publishers.



  • Height adjustable
  • Imprintable, your desired colour and colour comb
  • Weight: 2,4gr
  • No notch effect on the golf club
  • Easy to find after use
  • Usable with every surface

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