KMS solar-powered torch

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KMS solar-powered torch

Flashlight with solar cells and LED technology.

Take the light from the day into the night: solar torch
Take the light from the day into the night: solar torch

With the help of high-quality solar cells the light from the sun is saved in powerful storage batteries. By day the large surface area covered with solar cells charges the integrated cells with the energy from the sun and then in the evening the battery-less LED solar torch is ready to use. 


Environmentally-friendly advertising medium that can be printed in 4 colours. Ideal for safety, travel and sun campaigns or as a prize.


Make better use of the sun's energy.  Other non-electrical and environmentally friendly innovative products include:

Solar-torch in customised colour and size
Solar-torch in customised colour and size

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The power of the sun!




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Die Solar-Taschenlampe setzt die energiesparende  LED-Technologie ein. So kommt die Leuchte ohne Batterien aus. Das schont die Umwelt.

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